MiMiDi Messenger for Hwawei

The Only Decentralized Blockchain Network Messanger on Hongmeng OS.

What is MiMiDi Messanger //

MiMiDi, Protects personal information from China.

It is the only safe messenger from China’s ever-widening personal information surveillance.

Huawei : Hongmeng OS

MiMiDi is available in the Hongmeng OS, which replaces the Google OS that is no longer available in Huawei

Messenger for Personal Data

It’s the only decentralized messenger that can be protected from Chinese surveillance.

Opportunity //

Operating System with over 1 billion new expected users

Removal of Android License from Huawei will result in 0.5~1 billion mobile users using Hongmeng OS.







The US-China trade war has prohibited the use of Android in Huawei after the burst of scandal on the Chinese government’s spying and surveillance of personal information.

More than 400 million people in China use Huawei phones, and they are in a situation where they have to use Hongmeng OS in the near future

In addition, services such as Google and YouTube are evicted from China, and market consumption is shifting to their own services and mobile phones.

Mobile business in China is expected to be unified into Huawei Mobile. Eventually, the users of Hongmeng OS, Huawei’s unique OS, will grow rapidly.

Worldwide Huawei news

The News of the offensive against Huawei and Huawei’s new OS, Hongmeng

Explanation from TECHTRADER about U.S. sanction on Huawei.

This is a personal description of the global sanction towards Huawei.


This is a personal opinion of the global saction towards Huawei by the famous YouTuber MARQUES, which has more than 5.5 million views.

News on Google limits on Android License towards Huawei

This is the news that Google does not permit Android on Huawei Mobile

Official Announcement of Hongmeng OS from Huawei

This is the official announcement of Hongmeng OS from Huawei Mobile

MiMiDi Press





baidu finance: http://bitly.kr/UZHx9I
yidianzixun : https://www.yidianzixun.com/article/0MPOoFNH

more press is coming

Why MiMiDi //

What MiMiDi Makes

By making MiMiDi more valuable on the new market where Huawei Hongmeng OS launches, we will secure the personal data of users with the strength that only MiMiDi has.

Absolute Privacy

Able to send and receive messages without any interference from the Chinese government or other state agencies

Block Spammers via AI

By applying the Anti Spam AI algorithm in MiMiDi network, addresses sending specific message patterns are immediately blocked

Message Incineration

If one person in the same chat room deletes a message, the MiMiDi also deletes the message from the device of the other person.

MiMiDi Market

Opens global advertising and emoticon market for over 100 million users
Advertisers and em+B259oticon creators can purchase MMD from MiMiDi app to insert advertisement or to register emoticon

Cryptocurrency Trade

Easy to trade BTC, MMD, or any other coins via MiMiDi blockchain wallet

Burning MMD

MMD tokens, which are used as advertising and emoticon market transaction fees, will be burned so that MMD’s token supply gradually decreases and increases its value.

Image Image
MiMiDi Features //

No phone number, Just MiMiDi address

Able to send and receive messages only generated MiMiDi walllet address

No phone number required.

No mobile number or email address required.
No way to identify individuals. Free from the governments’ investigation

Get MiMiDi

Earn MiMiDi by clicking on the worldwide ADs registered in MiMiDi.

Numerous Users

Expected to be at least 100 million people in demand
Comparable number of users from “KakaoTalk” users in Korea and “Line” users in Japan

Huge Market

Not only “Wechat” but also “KakaoTalk” and “Line” make over 1 billion USD annually.

Perfect Anonymity

No requirements of any personal information
Perfect of honest conversation between friends and a private conversation with an anonymous person

MiMiDi Tokens //

MiMiDi Distribute

MiMiDi project raised around 5,000,000 USD from anonymous investors and completed the seed round investment, private-sales and pre-sales

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply

    10,000.000.000 MMD

  • Private Price

    $0,006 = 1 MMD


Seed & Private Round Sale (80%lockup)

1,800.000.000 tokens

Pre Sale (50% Lockup)

200.000.000 tokens

Team (100% lockup)

1,000.000.000 tokens

Marketing / Airdrop

1,000.000.000 tokens

Partner (100% Lockup)

500.000.000 tokens

Reserve(100% lockup)

5,000.000.000 tokens
  • Soft Cap

    3,000,000 USD

  • MiMiDi


  • Accepted Currencies


MiMiDi Roadmap //

MiMiDi Lineage

This is our Roadmap

2019 April

MiMiDi Idea

Start MiMiDi Team

2019 May

Anonymous Seed Round Investment

Begin Development

2019 MAY END

Anonymous Private Round Investment

Anonymous Private Investment

2019 August

global business marketing

global exchange listing business

2020 April & may

Listing Exchanges

Listing On Global Big 3 Exchanges

2020 WInter

Launch MiMiDi APP

Launch On Hong Meng


Launch Android & IOS

MiMiDi Team //

MiMiDi Team

Our team is against the governments (such as China) that try to violate private life and correspondence privacy. Most of us are Chinese nationals. We have studied and worked in the United States, Japan, and many other countries. We have felt a lot from the Chinese government’s direction and the situation of Huawei issue. We are here to develop services that are free from personal surveillance. Team members’ profile will be kept private as not to be disturbed by any third parties in developing MiMiDi. Please understand us.









Team Member



Team Member



Team Member



Team Member



Team Member

Thank you for support!

We will do our best to create a secure communication ecosystem
Please cheer for us

MiMiDi Team
MiMiDi Investor & Advisor //

We support MiMiDi.
These are the projects that we've accelerated

We want to be kept private as not to be disturbed by China in developing Mimidi
Please excuse us

MiMiDi FAQ //

The most frequently asked questions

from many people about MiMiDi

What is MiMiDi?

MiMiDi is a messenger that specializes in personal information protection such as telegrams and signals.

This is a service that is not monitored by anyone other than you

Neither the Chinese government nor any national government can monitor the message from MiMiDi nor know the team from MiMiDi.

Why is team, investor, and advisor information private?

We cannot provide any Internet services that guarantee personal information security in the Chinese market. All are considered illegal.

If team members or investors ‘ information is disclosed, MiMiDi development and service security is not guaranteed due to interference by the Chinese government

Can't China force the MiMiDi service to stop?

The power of blockchain and decentralization shines at this point of issue.

By building a P2P blockchain network, MiMiDi is implemented through a terminal P2P network between users and numerous block nodes, not through any particular port, IP, or data center.

The estimated minimum number of users will be over 100 million, and unless all Chinese mobile users are blocked from the Internet, the MiMiDi service will never stop.

Is it safe to do this service in China?

Although most of the MiMiDi teams are Chinese nationals, development services are currently being prepared overseas.

The MiMiDi team is safely prepared and we are all developing happy dreams that contribute to secure privacy.

Is it safe to use MiMiDi in China?

Yes. As long as the Chinese government does not punish people simply by stealing and investigating the mobile phone of a person in a surprise move for using a certain app.

It is also safe because if one person deletes a message in the same chat room, the MiMiDi also deletes the message from the other person’s device.

What are the reasons for the increase in value of MiMiDi?

The expected minimum number of MiMidi users is 100 million from internal research.

This is a comparable number of users of “KakaoTalk” and “Line,” and each year the messenger records about 1 billion USD in advertising and content sales.

Every year, advertisers and content creators will own the MMD they need to advertise to MiMiDi users, and MiMiDi Messenger’s market value will soon reach 1 billion USD. The MMD’s consumption will accelerate and the MMD’s value will dramatically increase.

MiMiDi Newsletter //

For Privacy



The first token lock-up will take place before big exchange listing.

All lock-up tokens will be released one day before the listing.

MiMiDi tokens distributed through the first private sale won't be able to transfer between wallets.

Therefore, please send your tokens to personal wallet before March , 2020.

(Exchange wallet not available / Ethereum-based smart contact wallet is required)

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We are very excited to announce the awsome news.

MIMIDI has made great efforts to list on the global cryptocurrency exchange and is based in Korea.

Successfully signed a contract with Korea's top global exchange.

We are very happy to share this news with Midi Supporters.

We will share better news in the future. We appreciate your support.

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